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Bonnie Raitt

with special guest
The Richard Thompson Trio
Maine State Pier
Portland, ME
Aug 19 – All Ages


Joan Baez

Merrill Auditorium
Portland, ME
Oct 4 – All Ages


Joan Baez

with special guest
Mary Chapin Capenter
Citi Wang Theatre
Boston, MA
Oct 8 – All Ages


The Piano Guys

Providence, RI
Dec 1 – All Ages

Phish Shreds America: How the Jam Band Anticipated Modern Festival Culture
Jesse Jarnow, Picthfork Contributor. — “The internet is to the Phish community what FM radio was for me back in the early ’70s,” Great Northeast Productions promoter Dave Werlin told Pollstar about collaborating with Phish to stage the biggest indie rock fests of the ’90s. It’s a sentiment many would voice over the years, except that Werlin said it in 1999, on the verge of Phish’s millennium shows in Florida, and barely six months after Napster arrived to disrupt the American music industry at large. Using internet-enabled fanbases to create active feedback loops is a route many would come to exploit, but Phish and their Deadhead antecedents were there first, chilling.”


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